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Since Our Inception, We Have Been Dedicated To Providing A Professional Consistent Cleaning Service. We Achieve This Through Countless systems Designed To Create a Complete Cleaning Of Your Facility From Top To Bottom.

If you are considering the glaze process why not complete the elimination of germs in your restrooms by having both processes done. The glazing process bonds a very durable, non-porous, grout replacement material over the old grout, and shields the entire surface with a coating.

SaniClean™ specializes in public restroom restoration, antimicrobial coatings for restroom fixtures, walls and floors that keep restrooms germ free. SaniClean™ uses an impregnating multi polymer germ free coating that fills the microscopic peeks and valleys in various substrate surfaces permanently. Prior to doing this we restore the floor and grout back to it’s original color using high pressure steam equipment.

Ceramic floors are designed by architects and put in restrooms to provide a non-slip floor from moisture. Ceramic floors with grout joints provide a low spot for water to flow to floor drains when water spills onto the floor. Membrane coatings defeat this purpose.

Membrane coated floors only look as good as the coating sitting on top of them and eventually that coating has to come off. Striping these coatings off is very expensive; consequently you could pay handsomely for them to be maintained.

This is the most common attempt to keep the grout and tile from getting dirty These products have all of the same disadvantages as the permanent type membrane coating system and more. Since these types of sealers are not designed to go onto a ceramic tile they tend to flake off, so the custodian just keeps adding more and more wax on top of old dirty wax. Then they decide that it needs to be striped off, but they can’t get it out of the grout, so you end up with dirty grout glued in by the wax.

Swisher applies a germicide treatment to all of the surfaces that they clean and maintain. SaniClean™ uses an impregnating multi polymer germ free coating that fills the microscopic peeks and valleys in various substrate surfaces permanently. We not only protect the surface form germs we protect the surface from degradation from human touch, graffiti, water deposits, dust, acid-rain, salt-fog, smog emissions and other surface damaging contaminants that cause germs, corrosion, oxidization, and staining. SaniClean™ coatings also makes the surface resistant to minor scratching, abrasion and acid etching from vandalism.

As long as you are not in the professional cleaning business, you can purchase SaniClean products directly as a retail consumer.

Once the initial application has been done, anyone can be trained to maintain the integrity of initial application. SaniClean will train your custodian how to maintain your germ free facilities or provide you with a qualified maintenance service applicator.

SaniClean germ free coatings are a multi-polymer that fills the microscopic peeks and valleys in various substrate surfaces that promote germs to propagate.

SaniClean technicians apply germ free protective coatings to all cleaned/restored surfaces that are water resistant.

“ForeverSani™” developed SaniClean products to be applied only by companies licensed by SaniClean. This ensures commitment to quality products service and proper initial application.

Yes, the multi polymer in SaniSeal™ the coating used by SaniClean™ has been tested see results to date below:

We also have preliminary test done by LASCO Bathware Shower Doors Company. LASCO did an accelerated test on a glass shower door with aluminum frame and their test showed no change in the protection in 6.3 years of hard water spray.

If you are like most people, you are concerned about your health and your customers impressions of your business. Restroom cleanliness and sanitation is the number one complaint in the cleaning industry. SaniClean with “ForeverSani™” is the most exciting innovation within the commercial cleaning Industry in decades. The biochemist at “ForeverSani™” have developed a chemical technology and cleaning system that allows SaniClean customers to enjoy a sanitation level that no one else can match.