What Our Clients Say
866 SaniClean – Alan Bennett and his team have provided quality services for us and have been very responsive in a timely manner to any concern we’ve addressed. Their customer service and operations personnel are excellent to work with and respond to every need as their​ “priority”.
Nancy - Golden Gate Baptist Theolgical Seminary

Once we began service with 866 SaniClean, we found them to be very reliable and consistent in the quality of their service. There is a clear procedure for rectifying the rare service issue. We are extremely pleased with our relationship with 866 Saniclean and would highly recommend their services.
James - Laguna College of Art & Design

If you can keep a building looking fresh and clean, it is a better environment to work in for everyone. I want to thank you all for getting this MTSO clean and keeping it that way. Thanks for your continued efforts!!!
Douglas - Verizon Wireless

SaniClean does a great job, they are conscientious about their work and strive to resolve any complaints quickly.
Robert - Facilities Manager